About us

About Us

In 2007, based on the classical German principles existing in production, our engineer decided to create a completely new technology for the production of plastic clay. The goal was to eliminate manufacturing defects, minimize manual labor, and reduce production time. At that time, such a technology did not exist in the world ceramics industry, and the 19th-century technology, relying on separate drying and firing stages, was in use. Dried products were collected in heaps on moving platforms, later sent to the furnace in batches for final firing.

It is clear that the high-temperature heat flow affects the external contour and center of the mass unevenly. This leads to significant increases in deformations and the percentage of defective products, causing an increase in prices. Over the period of our activity, a unique production technology and recipe were developed. Hundreds of tests were conducted, and 8 variants of production lines were implemented. This technology allows maintaining the ideal structure of each plate and ensures uniformity in the final appearance. Our Klinker plates, durable up to a minimum of 200 cycles, preserve their initial appearance even in the most aggressive weather conditions, resisting the fading of colors from ultra-violet influences. Our constantly evolving range of colors and textures is an indispensable choice for architects and designers to realize any ideas.